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eLearning and Media

SGS Web Update – Implementing the 8th Edition Sentencing Guidelines
This eLearning course highlights changes in SGS Web (deployed 1/8/2024) to support the implementation of the 8th Edition Sentencing Guidelines. This is designed for current SGS Web Users. If you are a new SGS Web User, please watch these introductory videos before completing this eLearning course.



Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing – YouTube
Watch Commission Meetings, Public Hearings, and more.

House Judiciary Committee – Presentation During Information Meeting on HR 111 of 2021
October 12, 2022: House Judiciary Committee Presentation

PA Office of Victim Advocate – Monthly Meet Up – Sentencing Guidelines
August 2, 2022: (YouTube) Office of Victim Advocate discusses proposed sentencing guideline updates with Mark Bergstrom, Executive Director of the PA Commission on Sentencing, and survivors.

Sentencing Commissions in a Time of Change
June 25, 2020: (Facebook Video) Drug Enforcement and Policy Center (DEPC) co-hosted a series of workshops in collaboration with the National Association of Sentencing Commissions (NASC) and the Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission (OCSC). Panelists discussed the role sentencing commissions should seek to play during this tumultuous time and how, through data collection or other means, they can positively contribute to ongoing criminal justice reform conversations while adjusting to budget uncertainties. Mark Bergstrom, Executive Director of the PA Commission on Sentencing, is a featured panelist.

CNA International – Becoming Human: Coding Morality (27:12-35:48)
March 30, 2019: Should a machine know right from wrong? Explore how law, ethics and spirituality shapes artificial intelligence. Starting at 27:12, take a closer look at the Commission’s development of a risk assessment tool discussed at a public hearing and a visit with Executive Director Mark Bergstrom at the Commission’s State College office.

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PSU/SSRI Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative Podcast: Criminal Sentencing Guidelines
March 19, 2020: This week, we spoke to Penn State’s Jeff Ulmer, PhD, Professor of Sociology and Criminology, and Mark Bergstrom, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing about criminal sentencing guidelines. Sentencing guidelines are a set of standards that are generally put in place to establish rational and consistent sentencing practices within a particular jurisdiction.

WHYY-FM The Pulse: Can Algorithms Help Judges Make Fair Decisions?
February 20, 2020: Is taking away the human factor the key to more just rulings?
Features Mark Bergstrom, Executive Director

WHYY-FM Radio Times: Meek Mill and Pennsylvania Parole Reform
August 30, 2019: Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill has been battling with the city’s criminal justice system for 12 years after he was arrested on gun and drug charges when he was 19. What came next was a protracted battle with a judge over violations of his terms of probation. But on Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor firearms charge while all other charges were dropped – meaning Meek’s case is finally settled. Many see Meek Mill’s treatment by the criminal justice system as an example of systemic problems with parole and probation requirements. They are using Meek’s legal saga as a reason for reform. Today we’ll talk about parole and probation locally and nationally, and how Meek Mill’s case relates to these issues. Our guests are NPR reporter Bobby Allyn, Penn State professor Mark Bergstrom, who is executive director of the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing, and Keith Reeves, professor of political science at Swarthmore College.


PA Bar News – In Law Firms, Courtrooms: How Will Artificial Intelligence Be Used? (6/13/2022)

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