Guidelines and Statutes


As a legislative agency, the Commission is responsible for promulgating guidelines, serving as a clearinghouse for the collection, preparation, and dissemination of information on decisions made by courts and paroling authorities, and assisting courts and agencies in the development, maintenance, and coordination of sound criminal justice practices through trainings and orientations. To support these efforts the Commission compiles reference materials and has established a repository for statutes relevant to sentencing, resentencing, parole, and the guidelines. Included are statutes related to  sentencing alternatives (42 Pa.C.S.A. § 9721), statutory limits (generally, drug offenses, and DUI), mandatory sentencing provisions, county parole and reentry, Department of Corrections programming (RRRI, SMBC, SDTP), sex offenses and sex offenders, sentencing enhancements, firearms, and Justice Reinvestment Initiative legislation (JRI-I and JRI-II).