sgs web



SGS Web is the Commission’s online application used by courts of record to calculate the correct guideline recommendations for the Courts’ consideration at the time of sentencing or resentencing. SGS Web provides an automated process for generating the sentencing risk assessment recommendation. Information on the actual sentence or resentence imposed is submitted to the Commission via SGS Web. 

SGS Web is housed in the secure environment available through the Pennsylvania Justice Network (JNET). SGS Web integrates with the court case management system managed by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) to access up-to-date case defendant and offense information. 

The data collected through SGS Web provide the foundation for much of the Commission’s work. The Commission uses sentencing data to assess judicial conformity to the Guidelines, to monitor trends, to project impacts of changes in the law, policy, or practice on the criminal justice system, to assess the effect of guideline revisions and mandatory sentences, and to inform public policy discussion and decisions.   

In the coming months staff will begin developing SGS Web modules for parole guidelines and recommitment ranges. The Commission is planning to develop a new version of SGS Web to coincide with the enactment of the 8th Edition sentencing guidelines.