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8th Edition Sentencing Guidelines

8th Edition Sentencing Guidelines

The Commission does not intend to produce hard copies of the 8th Edition Sentencing Guidelines. For the entirety of the 8th Edition in one file (read, print, download): 8th Edition Sentencing Guidelines – Complete Publication

An implementation manual is underway and will be posted here at a later date. For 8th Edition documents by section, follow the links below:

303a.1–303a.7. Guidelines Text

303a.8. Effective dates of the sentencing guidelines.

303a.9. Offense listing (OGS/POG assignments).

303a.10. BUI/DUI offense listing (OGS/POG assignments).

303a.11. Omnibus OGS tables.

303a.12. OGS enhancements table.

303a.13. POG/PRS tables.

303a.14. Sentencing matrix.

Materials below are for reference only and should not be used in official court communications.

Offenses not included in § 303a.9 or § 303a.10:


Guideline Form (SGS Web)

These interactive lists, with search and sort features, are designed to assist with the application of policies outlined in the 8th Edition Sentencing Guidelines.

303a.9. Offense listing (OGS/POG assignments)

303a.9. Offense listing (OGS/POG assignments) – Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act

303a.10. BUI/DUI offense listing (OGS/POG assignments)

As required by statute, the Commission has adopted a sentence risk assessment instrument for the sentencing court to use to help determine the appropriate sentence within the limits of the law. The risk assessment, incorporated into the sentencing guidelines, recommends cases for which additional information, such as an RNR PSI, may be useful.