SGS Web Update

This 1-hour seminar, hosted by members of the Education and Outreach Unit assigned to the SGS Web Help Desk, will include an introduction and overview of changes to SGS Web related to 8th Edition Sentencing Guidelines, followed by an opportunity for attendees to raise related questions.

8th Edition Offense Gravity Score, Enhancements, and Sentencing Levels

This 1-hour seminar is focused on offense gravity score (OGS), enhancements, and sentencing levels for 8th Edition offenses. Highlights include OGS assignments, omnibus OGS policy, enhancements and the application of enhancements, and new sentencing levels linked to sentencing alternatives.

8th Edition Prior Record Score Workshop

This interactive 1.5-hour seminar is focused on prior record score (PRS) for 8th Edition offenses. Highlights include discussion of lapsing provisions, selection of prior offense group (POG), and determination of the PRS category. The presenter and attendees will work through example cases to demonstrate the application of PRS provisions for the 8th Edition.